IPL Photofacials $99 Introductory Offer (Reg. $500)

Skincare and anti-aging haven’t always been the “it” thing. We’ve heard stories from clients who have laid in the sun in their youth with nothing but iodine and baby oil, or even better Crisco oil hoping to get that perfect weekend tan. Now they are paying for it with Lasers to not only target the brown spots but also RF to resurface the texture of the skin damaged by years of exposure.
Did you know 90% of aging comes from the atmosphere? UV Rays pollution all cause havoc on the skin. Did you also know that 80% of the UV damage to your skin occurs before you are 18? Now as adults we’re trying desperately to correct the uneven skin tone we created when uneven skin tone wasn’t even a second thought.
The #1 Non-Surgical laser procedure in St. Petersburg is the IPL Photofacial. This laser specifically targets Browns and Reds. This means it’s good for brown spots, age spots, rosacea, flushing of the skin, veins on the face, sun spots, and acne marks.
IPL is a big bright light that when the handpiece is applied to the skin and the trigger is pulled flashes similar to a camera flash. The difference is that because this light is looking for browns and reds where the IPL finds those pigments on the skin the energy is absorbed to the spots in a higher force. The browns turn into darker brown spots and are cleared within 7-10 days and the reds turn into a bruise for about that same time frame which your body absorbs naturally.
IPL or Photofacials aren’t made to resurface the skin, however, they can help to a degree with tightening and large pours because of the heat applied to the skin, but it is the most requested service to give you that even glowing skin tone. Especially right before the holidays. Book your appointment now or even a Free Consultation with our Medical Director Dr. James Westervelt (727)289-5932.